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Does your backyard look boring? Then, it's time to add fun to it with the best inground pools, tanning ledges, and spas. At Eminence Pools, we set out to transform lackluster backyards with amazing one-piece inground pools, all ready to be installed. So whether you have a sprawling area around your house or are limited by the space, Eminence Pools can provide you with the size to fit it in.

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16'x33' 6'
16'x37' 6'4"
16'x41' 6'8"

Built-in safety features make this pool a winner.


16' x 40' 8'6"

One classically designed rectangular shape for a giant leap of family fun.


12'x25' 5'1
14'x30' 5'6
14'x35' 5'6
16′x35′ 5'6
16′x40′ 5'10

One of our newest Aspen designs brings personal luxury to the convenience of urban living.

Grace Beach Entry

14'x36' 5'6"
16'x36' 5'6"
16'x40' 5'10"

Dogs dig the largest size Grace Beach Entry pool. It’s easy to enter and exit with plenty of room for big fun.

Lil Bob LX

13.5′x35.5′ 4’6″

One generous size fits in a bunch of fun for all ages.

Lil Bob

13.5′x27.5′ 4’6″

In case you wondered, Lil Bob is the ideal size for regulation water volleyball. (Net not included.)


16' x 40' 6'
16' x 40' 6'
16' x 40' 6'

For a fabulous experience, opt for a sunken spa and alternate between warm, relaxing jets and refreshing, cool water.


12' x 26' 5'5"
14′ x 33′ 5’10”

Sometimes a more intimate pool is just what you need.


16' x 36' 5'10"
16′ x 40′ 5'10"

It’s the shape that makes this pool size perfect for a big backyard.

Cathedral LX

16'x36' 5'8"
16'x40' 6'

Stretch out and relax the day away in Cathedral LX.


14'x33' 5'

One size fits all styles.


13.5'x40' 4'6"

This pool comes in one sporty size for active households.

Sea Turtle

9.5'x19.5' 4'6"

Sea Turtle comes in one snappy size to fit most outdoor spaces.

Sandal Beach Entry

16'x34.5' 5'8"
16'x39' 6'

This large pool gives you plenty of room for the ladies to relax near the beach while the kids splash in the deep end.

Sun Day

15'x30' 5'3"
16'x39' 6'

Take a deep breath, kick back and relax in our smaller version of this medium size fiberglass pool.


15'x25' 3'9"

Graceful scalloped edges make the pearl a gem in your backyard.

Round Spa with Spillover

8'6" x 8'6" 3'

Not everyone wants to be a square.

Square Spa

9' x 9' 3'2"
w/ Spillover 9'x9' 3'2"

Sit back, relax and enjoy alone or with six of your best friends.

Wading Pool

Wading Pool 1 - 9' x 9' 1'6"
Wading Pool 2 - 13'9" x 11'9" 1'6"

You’re never too old for a refreshing wade. Cool off and watch the kids play

Wet Deck

w/ Spill over 14' x 8' 1'
14' x 8' 1'

The Wet Deck goes well with most of our fiberglass pools, or makes a beautiful patio accent all on its own.

Grand Spa

11'6" x 11'10" 35"
w/ Spillover 11'6" x 11'10" 35"

Rejuvenate, Enjoy Family Time or a Quiet Conversation. You Choose.

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Buyers concerns

Every buyer has questions and concerns in the process of searching for the right decision. For example, what pool type is best for me? Or Can I afford this pool? Or How long will that pool last? If you need answers that you cannot find, you can always contact us for a consultation!

Fiberglass Inground pools in the Hammonton, NJ area typically start around $35,000 and can go upward of $200,000 depending on the landscaping, water features and patio options you may choose.  The average price range of a fiberglass pool in New Jersey is typically between $70,000 and $100,000. 

Some of the factors that affect the price of your inground swimming pool in Hammonton are:

  1. The pool type (fiberglass, gunite, or vinyl)
  2. Access to the backyard
  3. The scope of the project

A fiberglass pool will typically save you up to 75% of the time, effort and money compared to concrete or vinyl liner pools.

Fiberglass pools have no liner like vinyl pools, so you’ll never worry about replacing it at a cost of $3,000-$5,000 every 5-10 years. Concrete pools require resurfacing every 10-15 years. Average cost is over $10,000 each time .Your fiberglass pool’s surface is permanent—no new liner, no resurface, no $5,000-$10,000 expenditure in a few short years!

From time of mobilization to the job site it typically takes 1-3 days to complete the Digging, Preparation, Set, Plumbing and Fill of the pool shell! After that we must wait on the inspections to be done before concrete or hardscape. Best case scenario you can be swimming in as little as 7-10 days!

Luckily, not only is heating a fiberglass pool an option, but it’s also actually a wonderful idea for them. Fiberglass pools are both the easiest of pool to heat and the least expensive. Unlike vinyl and concrete pools, fiberglass pools can retain heat and holds heat longer as a natural insulator. Fiberglass pools heat up much faster than other kids of pools and hold onto the heat for much longer.

Vinyl pools are some of the most common pools because the upfront cost is more affordable. The basic structure of vinyl pools can last up to 30 years. Unlike, fiberglass pools and concrete pools, there are two parts that make up a vinyl pool: the structure and the liner. The vinyl liner portion must be replaced about every 10 years. In addition to this, chemicals, algae, and debris take a greater toll on the liner of a vinyl pool. So even though vinyl pools are less expensive upfront, the savings is offset by the additional upkeep. Don’t let the upfront cost make you pay more in the end and get approved for financing today.

Concrete pools are easily the priciest and take the longest to install out of the three pool options. Like fiberglass pools, concrete pools can last around 50 years. However, concrete pools require a lot of more upkeep. It’s easier for algae to grow in the rough texture of your concrete pool than on the sleek surface of a fiberglass pool. Plus, you’ll have to get it resurfaced about every 5-10 years, increasing the overall amount of spend on the pool. Before you think you need to go to a concrete pool because of your customizations, talk with Xtreme Pool Builders and let us show you what we can do.

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Besides pools DIY and turnkey packages, you can customize one. For example, select a pool model and go with this option to describe what you’re looking for and request a quote.

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Does your backyard look boring? Then, it's time to add fun to it with the best inground pools, tanning ledges, and spas. At Xtreme Pool Builders, we set out to transform lackluster backyards with amazing one-piece inground pools, all ready to be installed. So whether you have a sprawling area around your house or are limited by the space, Xtreme Pool Builders can provide you with the size to fit it in.

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